Staff page
Shacho (President)
Patience is the most inportant human trait!!
Visiting the sake breweries is a very special experience. You don't just taste the sake but feel the life force and energy that went into making it. "You may not see me in the store very much, but you might hear my voice coming from my hidden office."
Birthday October 21st Birth place Minami Furano
Hobby Stream Fishing Special skill Hand Stands (in the past)
Likes Animals Hates Snakes
Favorite word "和 (wa)" [Peace, Harmony, Unity]
Thinks and acts quickly. While she's doing one thing, she's already thinking of the next task!
Birthday September 23rd Birth Place Sapporo
Hobby Watching sports on TV Special skill Getting things done
Likes Eating deliciouse food Hates Ferris wheels
Tencho (Manager)
Irashaimase!! (Welcome)
The most popular person in the store!!
The customers call for him, The staff call for him,
1 Tencho just isn't enough!
Why is Tencho so popular?
Come to the store and find out!
Birthday May 28th Birth Place Shiranuka chou
Hobby Fishing Special skill Falls asleep quickly!!
Likes Anko Hates fish bones
Arigatou gozaimasu!! (Thank you)
Super Shige-chan can make anything!!!
Price tags, gift wrapping, and ribbons, you can see her hand made goods all over the store.
Birthday July 16th Birth place Kitasoraji
Hobby Park Golf Special skill Peicework
Likes Hot coffee・Fresh fruit Hates Catapillars
You can do anything you put your mind to!!
She used to look like her father, but now people say she looks like her mother, and her mother looks just like Rie's grandmother.
"I can see my own future" (^^;
Birthday June 25th Birth place Sapporo
Hobby Eating and drinking, photography, judo, ceramics Special skill Forgetting Stuff,
Leveling up every year!
Likes Really really loves horses!! Hates Rodents, lamb, liver
Likes Children and animals, an all around nice Guy.
Fluent in Both Japanese and English, Please feel free to talk with him anytime♪
"Let's practice English while you shop!!"(^o^)/
Birthday January 14th Birth place California USA
Hobby Sailing, ceramics, music (playing and listening) Special skill Long arms and legs, can reach high places.
Likes Strawberris,animals (esp. penguins), nature, curry Hates Litter. people who litter.
"Laughing is the best medicine"
Birthday December 1st Birth place Atsuma Chou
Hobby TV dramas and comedy variety shows Special skill Remembering people's birthdays
Likes Makerel stewed in Miso, Ice cream Hates Liver, Salmon roe
How may I help you?!
Birthday December 12th Birth place Sapporo
Hobby Karaoke Special skill Sports Chanbara
Likes Watching movies Hates Spiders
Woof Woof!!
People always say my ears are big, and my legs are short; I often get asked "Hey is that a Corgy?"
Dispite my looks, I am a mini shiba.
I don't work in the store, but sometimes I come to visit!
Nice to meet you!!
Birthday December 1st Birth place Okinawa
Hobby Sunbathing, walks Special skill Shelling peanuts (inner skin and all)
Likes Squeky toys Hates Wearing cloths, having his feet washed, and having his nails clipped.