Schubert Wines
Schubert wines is located in the Wairarapa Valley, in Martinborough. There, Kai schubert and his partner Marion Deimling, after searching much of the world, found the perfect growing environment for their main wine, Pinot Noir.

In 1998 Kai Schubert and his partner purchased a small established vineyard and 40 hectares of bare land, and in 1999 planting of the vineyards was started. Now, over 12 hectares are under vines, and Schubert wines has clearly established its self as one of the finest wineries in New Zealand.

The emphasis, at Schubert Wines, is on keeping the quality that comes with the grapes from the vineyards. This means gentle processing in all vinification processes and starts with the way They pick the grapes. All the grapes are hand selected and hand picked for ultimate quality.
The careful treatment is continued in the winery as well, with delicate handling and exceptional care during the entire brewing process.