Ordering Info
At the current time we do not offer internet shopping.
Please make all orders by phone or Fax, We appologize for the inconvenience.
TEL 011-716-5174
FAX 011-716-5175

Ordering is Super Easy!!

Pick out your sake!
Choose yor sake from our Shop flier, or other parts of our webpage!
(Feel free to call the store for info on seasonal sake and Staff reccomendations! )
For those ordering by FAX, download and fill out our Fax order form
(FAX 011-716-5175)

Payment can be made by either POD (payment on delivery) or Bank transfer.
※In the event that the payment address and shipping address are different,
 bank transfer is the only payment method we accept (order shipped on confirmation of payment).
Preferred Arrival date and time can be specified free of charge.
(For the month of December specifying arrival dates and times may not be possible)

Shipping rates(JP Express)
※As of 04/01/2014, rates have slightly changed due to increase of sales tax, and other costs, .
Hokkaido ¥550 per pakage
Destination Under 80cm size Over 80cm size
Touhoku ¥850 ¥950
Kanto・Shin-Etsu ¥1,050 ¥1,150
Chubu・Hokuriku ¥1,050 ¥1,300
Kansai ¥1,050 ¥1,400
Chugoku ¥1,350 ¥1,500
Shikoku ¥1,350 ¥1,600
Kyushu ¥1,350 ¥1,700
Okinawa ¥1,550 ¥1,950 (under 120)

Shipping area map

For refrigerated pakages add ¥150 (Nama sake (unpasteurized sake) must be sent refrigerrated. refrigerated pakages can be no larger than 120cm)
POD fee: ¥324
※size is measured by adding the height, width, and depth of the pakage.

Underage drinking is prohibited by law.
We do not sell alcohol to minors.

Let's drink delicious sake when we turn 20 (^o^)丿