Links page
  Most links are Japanese Only, although some of the Brewery pages provide English sections. The wine pages are in English.
Nihonshu Concierge
  A really great site designed to help those in the search for great sake!!
Asahi shuzo Niigata Prefecture
  Makers of Asahiyama sakes among others. One of the most famous Niigata Breweries!
Daishinshu Shuzo Nagano Prefecture
  Makers of the Daishinshu label. Some of the best sake in Japan!
Doi Shuzo Shizuoka Prefecture
  Makers of the Kaiun label. Some great sakes coming out of here too.
Fuji Shuzo Hiroshima Prefecture
  Makers of Ryusei and Jousen.
  The only Japanese winemaker in New Zealand. His Pinot Noir has won many awards.
Schubert Wines
  German wine maker in New Zealand. Making some super cost performance wines.
Soba Watanabe
  Delicious soba restaurant in Gunma Prefecture.
If you are ever in Gunma Prefecture this is a must eat!!
Paul's Cafe
  Hokkaido's first Belgian beer cafe!
Delicious food and great beer, what else do I need to say?
Sakashou Kobayashi
  Sake store in Sapporo's Touyouhira-ku.
Marumi Hokuei
  Sake store in Sapporo's Higashi-ku.
Minato-ya Saketen
  Sake store in Tokto's Seitagaya-ku.
Doi shoten
  Sake store in Bie Hokkaido.
Calligraphy artist Wakayama Shoufu
  Master Japanese Calligrapher, Who has written Sake labels for such brands as: Daishinshu, Mansaku no Hana, Yamahoushi, and Ryusei, among others. Holds live sessions in cities all over Japan, worth checking out if he is in town.
hair AXIS
  Staff Rie's favorite hair salon! Really great atmosphere, fun people, and great hair styles!
Sagami in home Massage
  Massagist comes right to your home. Great massage and acupuncture in Kanagawa Prefecture Sagamihara city.
Taihen Raku
  Great massage center right in the center of Sapporo.
Fruron Hanaka
  Very tasteful flower arrangements. Great sense, and can even do Sake and flower sets!
35 Koumu-ten
  Making some of the best houses in Sapporo.
Mejiro Race horse farm Blog
  Follow along in the daily live of some really cute horses!