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Welcome to the Meishu no Yutaka home page (^o^)丿

Person to person, the bond of sake.
At Meishu no Yutaka, we believe that running a sake store is not just about the process of selling sake.
As a sake store it is our duty to convey the heart and soul of sake!
This means offering sake education to all our customers, and conveying the feelings of the brewers themselves. It is our goal to bring customers from: "I don't know a thing about sake" to sake connoisseur,
while providing a fun and inspiring learning atmosphere.


・With a collection of over 400 kinds of sake, Shochu, wine, etc,
  you are sure to find your perfect bottle!

・Our knowledgeable staff are more than happy to spend the time it takes
  to help you find the "perfect sake" to fit your tastes!


We hope to see you soon!!