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♪Say thanks with a special gift of appreciation♪

♪A gift to make that special person smile♪

A true gift from the heart

御祝のし御礼のし内祝のし寿のし祝御満職のし祝御成人のし祝還暦のし祝開店のし祝地鎮祭のし御年始のし御歳暮のし Add a traditional Japanese "Noshi" to your present for FREE

Yutaka original
Yutaka original hand made wrapping bag
無料ラッピング 無料ラッピング
(Box sold separately. Some products come with box included)  

☆Other popular gift ideas☆

Hand made prewrapped gift boxes (no two alike!)
Box included starting at ¥630
Traditional Japanese Furoshiki!
Buy a Furoshiki with any sake,
and we'll wrap it for FREE

Bottle etching
Satisfaction 120%!!
How about giving the gift of a
treasured memory?
Your favorite sake(720ml/750ml)+Etching fee+Color fee=Great Gift!!
(Example sake) “Tsuki no Wa ‘Yoi no tsuki Daiginjo'”(720ml ¥1,630)
→Your one of a kind original gift!!(^_^)v
※Bottle Etching takes about 7〜10 days, from order date, to complete.

※If you choose not to add color (gold or silver) to your Etching,
 you will not be charged the coloring fee.

※Unpasteurized sake (nama sake), and a select number of sakes, are not
 available for bottle etching. Please ask our staff for assistance.

※Please take not only the sake's flavor into account but the bottle's
 shape and color too♪

※1.8L bottles can be etched too! The price will differ a little from
 above, but please contact us if you are interested!