Benfield and Delamare
Benfield and Delamare is located in the heart of martinborough, New Zealand, an area famous for it`s red wines. Specializing primarily in Merlot/ Cabernet Sauvignon blends, Benfield and Delamare wines are all handcrafted, from the brewing process to hand gluing each label on to the bottle, by the owner and master winemaker Bill Benfield.
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Benfield and Delamare, one of the oldest wineries in Martinborough, was established in 1987, and its first vintage was produced in 1989. In the beginning there weren`t any guidelines for martinborough wines, so Benfield and delamare used their first few vintages as guidelines and by the early 1990`s were making gold medal wines. Unfortunately due to various reasons, the 2006 vintage will be the last vintage produced, and Benfield and Delamare will close it`s cellar doors. Meishu no Yutaka feels very lucky to be one of the few stores in Japan to carry Benfield and Delamare wines.
Visiting Bill in his winery!

Bill Benfield in his vineyard.
Benfield and Delamare wines are produced in very small quantities, which allows for very fine control over the entire brewing process. Every bottle of wine is hand crafted from the hand pruning and picking of the grapes, to the hand corking and labeling of the bottles.

The result is a superb wine with complex flavors and a smooth drinking quality. Benfield and Delamare wines are sold under two labels, the benfield and Delamare label, and the Song for Osiris label. Both labels are superbly crafted and good wines for all levels of drinkers.